Allow regeneration to deal with breast cancer, breast

Australian scientists in a study found that in female rats found stem cells in a long become a fully functional breasts. This discovery may help scientists unravel the secrets of breast cancer recurrence, to find new ways of shaping.
In Australia, this study shows that breast cancer may be caused by an abnormal breast stem cells [...]

Breast cancer want to reproduce the

Breast cancer is a common malignancy of women, the incidence of various malignant tumors in China accounted for 7 ~ 1O%, second only to cervical cancer. Onset age of 40 to 60 years in the majority. Men, the incidence of breast cancer very low.
Early breast cancer without any discomfort, only in the breast there is [...]

Nemesis of breast cancer

As the birthplace of China’s cancer subjects, national breast cancer research led units, and has the largest breast cancer specialist and the first one in China as the main object of study of breast of breast cancer research Tianjin Cancer Hospital, now has accumulated 20000 more cases of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment experience in [...]

Breast reconstruction for women to regain pride in peak

In recent years, the rising incidence of breast cancer, but the 10-year survival rate in patients with early breast cancer has reached 80%, the disease has become one of the solid tumor efficacy of the best. For this reason, patients also getting higher and higher expectations. Patients often required to eradicate the tumor, we must [...]

Postoperative rehabilitation of breast cancer

The incidence of breast cancer around the world radiate upward trend year after year, and began to tend to younger, our country is no exception. With the development of diagnostic and therapeutic techniques, the mortality rate of breast cancer have a certain downward trend in breast cancer survivors to become the most common malignant tumor, [...]

Molybdenum Target Check to exclude hyperplasia

Mammography screening is the use of an advanced molybdenum target X-ray machine, a photo of the breast in order to obtain the imaging data. An experienced radiologist re-read molybdenum target X-ray film in combination with clinical presentation, to analyze, to determine whether your breast problem, whether the imaging can be reflected out of the lesions [...]

Breast cancer hyperplasia will change it?

A lot of female friends in the medical examination found that breast hyperplasia, worried that will become a breast cancer; there are some women obsessed with nipple discharge is often worried about the unable to extricate themselves.
Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Cancer Hospital, director of abdominal surgery physician Professor Zhang Baoning told reporters:
Mammary hyperplasia is [...]

Flirt reduced life lobular hyperplasia

Breast lobular hyperplasia is a common form of middle-aged women breast disease.
Some data indicate that early age at the time produced more than 30 years old, has never childbirth, postpartum non-breast-feeding, frequency of abortion, sex life too thin and many other women, a higher incidence of breast hyperplasia. Thus, breast lobular hyperplasia and the relationship with generic viagra

Breast tenderness, breast hyperplasia come

Some women often feel exceptionally swollen breasts, and dull, because no other discomfort, they generally do not seek medical treatment. Some people went so far as the naive believe that this can increase the U.S. women’s lines. As everyone knows, swelling, pain is likely to be the first performance of breast hyperplasia. Some delay in [...]

Breast hyperplasia are most afraid of “seven things”

Good mood
Yes, breast hyperplasia fear most is you in a good mood! Because in a good mood, and normal ovulation, the ovaries will not be a bad mood the obstruction will not reduce the secretion of progesterone, breast would not be under the unilateral stimulation of estrogen arising from hyperplasia, hyperplasia of the breast will [...]

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